Sunday, August 13, 2017

Canada now boasts the largest Mo-Cap Studio!

Learn about the world's biggest motion capture studio in the world, located in Vancouver, Canada!

"A hefty and healthy visual effects, animation, and games industry has been building in Vancouver over the past several years. Now that industry looks set to benefit from a new motion capture studio – the largest commercial facility in Canada. 
Behind the studio is a partnership between Vancouver Film School (VFS) and startup Mimic Performance Capture. The location will be available for students from VFS to use, while also operating as a commercial motion capture facility. 
The studio is located at VFS’ film production campus in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood. Here, the capture volume is 32,000 cubic feet (40’ x 40’ x 20’). The set-up involves 40 Vicon Vantage cameras, four head-mounted cameras from Standard Deviation, four HD reference cameras, and audio recording services. 
There are also three 40-foot stunt beams available, since many motion capture sessions often involve stunt work. Other facilities include a foley stage, greenscreen room, green room for actors, an on-site workshop, prop storage, and office space. The capture stage is located three stories underground and is therefore away from traffic or weather noise. 
The performance capture studio came about after VFS explored several options for an industry collaboration to provide motion capture at the film campus. The chosen partner, Mimic Performance Capture, is led by president Graham Qually, who had worked in motion capture for several years at Rainmaker Entertainment and Ubisoft."

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