Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hi Folks,

The Labyrinth is Looking for 1 person to work at our Bloor Street Store. This person needs to be self motivated, hard working and very knowledgeable when it comes to comics and graphic novels. We get people applying every day, but positions rarely open up. If you thought you might like to work at Labyrinth, please read on. If you know someone that would be perfect to work with us, feel free to share this information with them.

The candidate needs to be available 2 days during the week and Sundays. You must also be available to help out at conventions and be flexible to add shifts as needed.

Please read EVERYTHING carefully before applying for the position.

1. Retail or restaurant experience.
2. Flexible Schedule - This is not a part time job you can do after school, it's typically full days on the days you are working.
3. Great communicator, friendly and outgoing.
4. Good at math.
5. Physically fit - besides customer service the job requires lifting and restocking inventory.
6. Good at time management, able to work alone, while managing tasks.
7. Knows A LOT about comics, graphic novels. Currently reads comics or graphic novels.

Additional Requirements (flaunt it, if you got it.)
1. If you have a car, or a drivers license, please let us know.
2. Computer skills (spreadsheets), web skills or social media knowledge or experience.
3. If you are a real anime/manga expert feel free to tell us. Our goal is to hire someone with comic knowledge this time around, but if you know a lot about both, let us know.

If you answered YES to the first 7 questions above and would like to work with us;

Please send a current resume in a pdf format. (If you do not know what a pdf format is, please look into it before applying.)

Please include a cover letter telling us about yourself. Also tell us about 2 current comics or graphic novels you are reading and why you love them.

Send this information to our e-mail at -

The earliest we will start responding to applicants is August 3rd. We will continue accepting resumes until we find someone that will make a great fit. If we don't respond to you, there may be stronger candidates we are considering. Thanks so much for applying!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

PERSONA 5 Premium Event Reveals!

It's been a big couple of days for Persona 5 fans as the Japanese release date nears! Here's all the new information that's been revealed through Atlus' Premium Event.

First up is the anime tie-in special announcement called 'The Day Breakers' by A-1 pictures, which is a prologue to the game focusing on its primary cast. A manga is also on the way as well.

Then we have the full opening intro for the game which was animated by Production I.G.

Then next up we've got the first opening 18 minutes of the game itself!

 Then there's still more footage with a new commercial and a video highlighting some key cast moments in the dungeons!

And if that's not enough, Atlus also finally pulled back the curtain on one of Persona's most popular features, the Social Links, now referred to as 'Cooperations.'

 The first amongst the Tarot picks is the Wheel of Fortune. With a character who's a fortune teller.

Next up the Temperance arcana, one of your school teachers who also leads a double life.

Then the Devil. She is a paparazzi photographer with a special interest in the Phantom thieves.

Next the Star arcana featuring an intelligent shoji-player.

Now the Tower featuring a boy who's a crack-shot with a gun!

Next up, the Moon. A fanboy of the phantom thieves and acts as their 'PR manager.'

And finally the Sun arcana who is a politician.

There are still a lot more to come that you'll discover in the game!

The final announcement was for a special set of headphones based on the ones one of the characters, Futaba, wears being available in Japan.

The game won't arrive in North America until February of 2017, so let's hope we can avoid spoilers when the game does release in Japan.