Saturday, March 28, 2020

THE ART OF PERNILLE ├śRUM - Now Available!


The Labyrinth's physical store might be closed temporarily - but you can get delivery or shipping no problem! Call us up (416 900-5771) and let us know what you need! 

If you are close to the shop or in the northern Mississauga area, we can deliver! 

Otherwise we can pack and ship anything in the shop to you wherever you happen to be.

You can pay via E-transfer, or if it's a direct delivery, then multiple payment options are available.

This is the first major publication from popular visual development artist and character designer, Pernille ├śrum. It follows on from the success of Pernille's two previous showcase art books (Blush and Coral) but is a more ambitious volume filled with even more art, behind the scenes and plenty of tips and tutorials. An ideal read for any budding animation artist!