Saturday, May 05, 2012

Thank You -Our Best Free Comic Book Day Yet.

Just a short post to say THANKS for making this free comic book day, OUR BEST EVER FCBD.  A special thanks to all our volunteers who really came through. We couldnt have handled today without you.

We had close to a thousand people in the shop today. We handed out roughly 6000 comics between 9 am and 8pm.  We handed out hundreds more Free Graphic novels and we met a lot of great folks.

Because Friday was our 5th anniversary we put together a sale of $5 graphic novels.  We were trying to think of a deal that had the number five in it. We heard an ad on the radio for a business celebrating 30 years that was offering 30% off, but 5% off seemed kind of cheesy.  We feel we made the right move with $5 graphic novels, based on the rate we had to restock the shelves and the smiles on customer's faces.

This $5 SALE IS STILL ON until next weekend, while supplies last.  Its a special selection. Stop in and see for yourself.

As a special holdover for Sunday May 6th. We will also continue to hand out FREE GRAPHIC NOVELS from our other special selection, with any purchase of 2 or more regular priced books (manga, graphic novels or art books.)

To those of you that stop in and got to see Avengers this weekend.  Don't tell us too much. We want to go so bad. But work is first.  Hopefully in the week ahead we can get a taste of the new Joss Whedon flick.  Given its success at the box office, we expect a sequel and wouldn't it be great if Nathan Fillion got a role in it..