Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Spider-Man game heading to PS4!

Another surprise from E3 was the reveal of a new exclusive Spider-Man game for the PS4! While there were rumours that some internal Sony studio was working on a Spidey-game, it was a surprise to know that it was a 2nd party studio Insomniac of Ratchet & Clank fame. And it looks fantastic!

The game is set in its own unique Spider-Man universe and has no ties to the Marvel film universe or its upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming film. Marvel itself has been open that it is looking to do for its video-games what it has achieved in its film universe for its franchises. Spider-Man is set to be the first of this initiative, and it looks as though Marvel intends to achieve with Spidey what DC achieved for Batman with the Arkham Series. Which would be awesome!

Take a look at the teaser trailer below for what's in store!