Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Death Stranding

Everyone who is wondering what Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima would work on next following his departure from Konami and the cancellation of the dream project 'Silent Hills' finally got a chance to see what's cooking behind the scenes at Sony's E3 press conference! Following releases of CG renders of his studio's new mascot 'Ludens', Kojima walked out on stage in style to the music of Mad Max Fury Road to unveil a new trailer and reveal another collaborator from the Silent Hills project returning!

Check out the video below that begins with Andrew House introducing Hideo Kojima. Kojima then goes on to display an amazing intriguing trailer running in real time designed to whet our appetites and keep us talking until we learn more about the game, which right now is still in its early stages or pre-production as Kojima builds his studio. But given his love for E3, I'm sure we'll get annual updates about the game's progress at the very least!

Details about the game are scarce. Kojima has stated that the astronaut-looking Ludens doesn't have any affiliation to the game he's making though others have suggested there might be some loose thematic connection. Certainly this project was one of the most talked-about reveals at E3 this year and a highlight for Sony's upcoming roster of exclusive titles. Currently while it's confirmed that Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is back, there is no sign yet that director Guillermo Del Toro is coming back, but it's not necessarily ruled out either...

Head over to Kojima Production's own Youtube channel for a direct feed version of the trailer, and their official website for a look behind the scenes of making this video.