Monday, November 12, 2012

QUICK LOOK: Until Death Do us Part

What happens when victims who have lost loved ones to crime and the ineffectual justice system pool their money and resources together? Well, in this case, they end up setting up a splinter organization of elite soldiers with advanced weaponry to dish out justice in efficient ways that the police cannot follow. They hope they can pre-emptively prevent crimes and therefore prevent anyone else from going through the trauma and loss that they did.

In Tokyo, one of these teams is a duo: a surveillance and tech expert, Igawa; and the point man, Mamoru Hijikata. Mamoru is an expert fighter and deadly with a blade. His sword possesses such a fine edge  that it can cut through virtually anything, right down to the molecular level! But there is something else about Mamoru you wouldn’t expect… Mamoru is completely blind! However, his sense of sight is enhanced by technology. Specifically, shades that give him some semblance of things and people around him. So in a way, he is pretty much like the superhero equivalent of Daredevil; except he's Japanese, without a costume, carries a deadly blade, and he seems to be in it for reasons other than strictly justice.

One day while on patrol, a young girl grabs a hold of him to save her from some men who are chasing her. These men turn out to be Yakuza and the girl makes a desperate attempt to get Mamoru to protect her. Mamoru, however, insists that she pay him. So she agrees to do anything for him... but the condition is that the contract between them be a life-long one! Or as she expresses it boldly, "Until Death do us part!"

But as Mamoru is about to discover... this girl isn’t someone ordinary... and she specifically picked him out of everyone else in the world to protect her! In fact, she possesses pre-cognitive abilities! As it turns out, the Yakuza were only guarding her for the sake of a large corporation who has some ill intentions in mind for her talents. This same company also happens to be an important target for Mamoru and his cohorts in their fight against crime and terrorism. So who is this girl? What really are her abilities? And is there more to why she chose Mamoru out of everyone else she whom she could’ve come in contact with?

If you’re looking for a new manga that’s action-packed with a long arcing mystery, then Hiroshi Takashige’s ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ should easily fit that mould! The artwork is great and detailed, and the story is quickly paced with plenty of violence and detective work! A work that aims for a sense of realism in its characters and setting that does away with most clich├ęd and overdone manga/anime tropes that prevail throughout the industry.

There are two volumes currently out, each containing two volumes each of the original Japanese releases, so each has got 500 pages worth the price for a nice lengthy read! But considering it’s exciting and quick pace, you won’t notice the time flying by!

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