Saturday, July 07, 2012

Marvel NOW! (Like DC's New 52... only Marvel!)

Looks like there's going to a big grand significance to the whole 'Avengers Vs. X-Men' storyline after all! Similar to how 'Flashpoint' was a point for resetting the entire DC Universe with the 'New 52', Marvel will likewise be putting forth new Issue #1s of various series following the culmination of events from the war between the X-Men and Avengers. But, unlike DC's New 52, the exception is that they won't be resetting the Marvel Universe, but rather carrying it on in a way that will make it easier for new readers who are unfamiliar with Marvel's characters to jump in. Marvel will also be taking a more relaxed approach to their releases which will all emerge over the course of time while current series continue to run until their respective arcs complete. In the end there will be a new beginning point for all the various Marvel franchises. Not only will new titles be launched, and there will also be relaunches of much older ones! Writers and artists will be shaken up and moved around to new positions as each ends their run on their current projects!

For more details, check out the links below to various stories and to learn who'll be working on what next! Anyone looking to grab the new #1s as they release ought to know that your best bet of getting your hands on them is to try pre-ordering them from our store! Drop in and find out how!

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