Thursday, March 15, 2012


What is a Sketch Cover?

- Sketch cover comics are actual comics with blank card-stock covers you can draw on. Traditionally, fans buy these blank covers and take them to comic book shows to have artists sketch on them. 

What is ‘Sketch Cover Day’ about?

-It's an in-store event at the Labyrinth that we hope to do once a month where everyone is invited to come and draw anything they want on one of the blank sketch cover comics in our store for a period of 1 hour.

-We will then pick the best appropriate finished pieces and exhibit them in our store where they will be sold with the proceeds going to charity!

The Cost? The Charity?

To take part in this event, you will be required to buy a blank sketch cover comic from us for $5. The final exhibited sketched covers will be available for sale for a minimum of $10 with customers bidding higher prices for it!

The artists (that's you) of those comics that sell will get back their initial $5 investment. The rest of the money will go to charity. The charity will be decided on the sketch cover day by those participating.

Any unsold pieces, will be returned to the artists who made them do with as they choose.


1. What can I draw?
- The covers will have comic logos on them like 'Spider-Man,’ ‘X-men’ or ‘Deadpool' etc. but participants are encouraged to draw ANY subject they wish. If you want to draw a puppy on the cover, or a vampire hot dog, or a superhero, or a self portrait, you can! It’s entirely up to you!

HOWEVER!!! Please keep it ’clean,’ so we can hang it up in shop! Keep in mind that to have your finished piece exhibited it needs to be approved by us, and we are a family friendly store! So please let your subject matter be appropriate and tasteful for everyone! If you have any questions about what you intend to draw, please feel free to ask us.

2. How long do I have to draw?
- You will have 1 HOUR to complete your work, so try and think of what you intend to draw before you arrive.

3. How can I draw?

- Please bring in your own art supplies! You may use pencils, pens, markers, paint or anything you like so long as its portable and not too messy.  This will be a standing room event because we don't have chairs, but we will try and clear a few counters for those who really need it. We suggest bringing a clipboard with you. You are also welcome to bring portable stools.

Imagine that you are drawing in a museum and you can use any books in our store as reference material for as your inspiration!

4. Who can participate?
- The event is open to everyone of every age. But only those who are willing to draw in the store during the given time & have their finished covers judged and exhibited and sold can participate. The idea is for everyone to have fun sketching together, and for artists to contribute their work to be sold for the sake of a charity.

If you do not agree to the above conditions, please note that you can buy sketch cover comics from the store at any time to draw on at home and keep. This event is only open for those who are willing to draw with everyone during the event and want their artwork sold for charity.

Keep in mind that only the best pieces will be chosen and exhibited. Don’t feel bad if yours is not chosen, as we hope to have more events in the future where you can improve and try again! Those whose art is not selected may take theirs home to keep.

Due to space concerns we insist that only those directly participating in the event attend during the given hours. Friends and supporters are welcome anytime after the event concludes to come in and see the
finished pieces.

5. How are finished pieces exhibited and sold?
- Finished pieces that are selected will then be hung up in the store for about 1 month.  Customers who visit the shop will be able to buy these with profits going to charity.

Additionally, we hope to post images of the finished pieces on our blog with links to the artists’ own websites or blogs if they wish to provide such links.

Finished pieces are sold starting at $10. If the piece is bought by a customer, the artist gets a refund of $5 that he spent for the sketch cover comic, and the profits will go to charity.

When is it?

SKETCH COVER DAY takes place on SATURDAY, MARCH 31st, 2012!

From 10:30 am - 11:00 am
- Participants will sign in and pick up their sketch cover comic for $5.

From 11:00 am - 12:00 noon
- Participants will begin drawing and have an hour to finish.