Thursday, January 19, 2012

'My Heart is a Spoon' & Anime Mini-Fest

My heart is a spoon is a new dance-media work exploring the emotional and physical range of rage while riffing on the visually arresting world of Japanese manga.

My heart is a spoon explores how a girl and a man find outlets to express their deep energies: in anger or humour, destructively, constructively, or passively. It is inspired by the bold aesthetic and energy of the black and white world of Manga cartooning and by Manga’s direct historical development and connection to traditional printmaking. (Originally Japanese, Manga is modern storytelling based in traditional legends and mythologies. It is now ubiquitous and popular with millions internationally.)

The young #1 has so much energy she doesn't know what to do with it and Manga is the explosive world that can contain her. The older #2 experienced rage in his life, but at a time when sublimation and positive construction were the only allowed outlets for the pent-up feelings. Each is a mirror of the other and just as rage must find its release, so #1 discovers the world is made of beautiful halftones and layers and #2 finds his long-awaited release.

The stage world includes live dance performance, and virtual media and light. We are aiming to bridge our digital fantasy world with the actual world of physical performance. And just as these digital worlds are dreamed up by live people, so the piece begins with #1 engulfed by media and resolves with the live performance being the primary source of inter-human interaction.

This is the First Incarnation of “My heart is a spoon”. Your essential participation as audience will help determine the shape and details of its next life.

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