Sunday, August 21, 2011

ART FOR HOPE - Call for Art Submissions!

Viz Media and Autodesk are calling for art submissions from various artists that will be put together and sold as a digital artbook where all the proceeds go towards helping the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan.

Art must be created using any Autodesk Sketchbook product. These can be purchased from Autodesk, but a trial version of the full product as well as a limited free version are also available for download.

You retain the full rights to your artwork, however you are not allowed to use any trademarked characters unless you are the owner yourself.

Submissions must be sent in by September, 15, 2011 along with 5 pieces of information which include a biography about yourself and how your submitted piece contains the theme of 'HOPE'. You can learn more at the link below, and from this press release.