Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mr. Plinkett reviews the Star Wars Prequels!

Recommended to all aspiring film makers and writers are the following hours and hours-long in depth reviews and criticisms of the most heated opinionated film trilogies of our time, that of Star Wars Eps. 1-3. Mr. Plinkett, a creation of RedLetterMedia, is a crazy psychopathic man, whose passionate hatred for his ex-wife and love of pizza rolls is only matched by his highly insightful and detailed knowledge on what makes good films good films, in the context of plot, characters, consistency, and the general consumer audience. You'll likely learn a lot more from these in a more clear and entertaining fashion than you would from a college course. So providing you have actually seen the Star Wars prequels, you will certainly appreciate much of what you learn from these, or perhaps you'll simply have a good time enjoying the reviews which are probably far more entertaining than the actual films themselves... So check out the links below, and on the left side of the site you'll also find other reviews from another famous franchise, 'Star Trek' and even one on James Cameron's Avatar!

If anyone prefers Youtube, you can find the above videos in parts on their account page in the right scroll box here.