Friday, October 08, 2010

James Cameron's AVATAR - Extended Collector's Edition

If you're like me, you made the right choice not to buy the current Avatar DVD/Blu-ray release and wait until FOX was ready to release a proper extensive Collector's Edition to Avatar. And you won't have long to wait as this will soon be releasing on November 16th!

Currently Avatar is re-playing in select 3-D theatres with a little additional footage tacked on, but this upcoming Collector's Edition will have even more footage that Cameron has taken time to re-insert back into the film with fully finished VFX including scenes of Earth in the future that were cut from the original film to reduce its run time! On top of that, an additional 45 minutes of deleted scenes will be available to see including a very extensive behind the scenes documentary , production materials, scene deconstructions and plenty of other technical videos for those of us who love seeing the technology and work that went into making this film! The Blu-ray version is going to be well produced and interactive on par with what was done for Watchmen! For more details, go here.

Also FYI, this blu-ray is not a 3-D blu-ray. Currently Avatar will only be available on blu-ray with the sale of certain branded 3D-TVs. They'll very likely re-release it again in the future in 3-D, so if you're in the market for getting a fancy TV soon, you might want to wait longer, otherwise, this set will be good enough.

Fans of Avatar can also inquire about the film's artbook at our store!