Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Japan Trip - Part 3

I took a Hotel shuttle bus to Narita Station. After taking a look inside where lots of people were coming and going, from businessmen to schoolchildren, I went nearby and ate lunch at a local place and then made our way towards Narita's famous temple grounds passing by lots of local stores, manga shops and other things. There are fish markets, little window restaurants, some traditional places, stores with lots of arts and crafts stuff, convenience stores, newsstands with manga, '100 Yen Stores' that are the equivalent of our 'Dollar Stores', and along the way you find statues of animals and other characters and mascots and famous people here and there. There are also lots of neat sidestreets and things to see. There was a guy filleting eels, quickly skinning one and then another, the dude was a machine! You can try some free samples of fish, and women also offer you samples of other food items and radishes and vegetables.