Monday, May 10, 2010

Street Fighter Legacy - A Fan Film!

Fan films of this sort are rarely good. Even rarer when they are done by Hollywood talent! This fan film is made by Joey Ansah who is an actor, film maker and action choreographer. You may have seen him as the character 'Desh' in the Bourne Ultimatum. Fed up with the way Hollywood was treating adaptations of video games, he decided to make his own short film adapting Street Fighter. And he got together Top Gear director Owen Trevor, Anthony Wayne, who was the senior producer for the last eleven James Bond films, and VFX studio Prime Focus. Here's the result of their efforts:

You can visit Joey Ansah's official site for behind the scenes videos and other stuff. Fans of Street Fighter and Capcom can find a variety of artbooks and artist sketchbooks available at our store!