Saturday, May 15, 2010

No more 'Heroes' , that is... NBC cancels 'Heroes'

Due to plummeting Ratings, NBC has cancelled their once hit TV Show 'Heroes', not to be confused with the videogame 'No more Heroes'.

"NBC ended months of speculation this afternoon by announcing the cancellation of Heroes after four seasons.

Although the fate of the superhero drama seemed sealed by plummeting ratings — less than 5 million viewers tuned in for February’s Season 4 finale, down from about 17 million in Season 2 — there was an outside chance the show could be brought back for a 13-episode wrap-up or a two- or four-hour movie. But The Live Feed reports that the ratings decline, combined with high production costs and the number of hour-long shows on the network’s fall schedule, dashed the possibility of a return."

It's too bad things turned out this way, but hopefully there'll be something else like it!