Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cat Sh*# One Trailer

North American animation is reknowned for it's movies featuring talking antrophomorphic animals. Well Japan has also decided to take a stab at it in a much more unusual way. War films in Japan don't tend to seel well to Japanese audiences who are still very much living under the post war consequences and feelings of World War II. Instead Japanese filmmakers and animators usually use allegory and fantasy to tell people about war and current conflicts around the world. This is apparently the attempt behind the film Cat Sh*t One. A serious drama of war and conflict told using cute fuzzy animals. Sort of like Watership Down or even Maus... The animals may reflect their characters, in this case, the bunnies are puns on U.S.A. G.I.s or Usagis which is the Japanese word for rabbit. And the camels are obvious references to Middle Eastern enemies. Whether this seems good or ridiculous to you, it's certainly something that has to be seen to be believed!

So check out the trailer:

You can find a subtitled version here.