Friday, February 26, 2010

Rex Steele and Rendez Vous Anthology

In Store on Saturday.

Bill (pixar) Presing's Rex Steele Nazi Smasher French Edition graphic novel is now in stock. Full colour and includes a DVD of the animated short. These puppies didn't last long the last time around and there's a high chance they won't last this time either. Get them while you can.

Rendez Vous is an anthology graphic novel (BD) from France in the tradition of Flight, Out of the Picture or Afterworks - except all the stories in here are wordless. That's right, no words. So for everyone that loves these things but can't read French - Relax. You don't have to read anything. Just enjoy the art. There are 12 different artists, with 12 stories in the book. below are only 2 examples. Stop by to see the whole thing.