Friday, February 26, 2010

Claire Wendling, Michael Hampton and Nicolas Marlet

If you liked the Art of Kung Fu Panda, there's a terrific chance you will love the Art of How to Train Your Dragon which features a ton of sketches by the same designer: Nicolas Marlet.
We know you want to wait to see the movie first, but believe us -this book is a keeper no matter what happens at the box office.

Claire Wendling's Drawers 2.0 and Iguana Bay are out of print as the publisher seems to have gone under, but we managed to get some last copies -arriving tomorrow (Saturday Feb 27) at the shop. If you wanted these, don't wait forever.

The Life Drawing book of the year is essentially sold out at the publisher. We just got the last block of books -and they came signed! They will be in the shop on Saturday - so if you wanted this one, now's the time to get it. Excellent book for anatomy buffs, people looking for info on construction and terrific writing. The drawings are great, but the explanations that go along with them is equally unique and exceptionally clear.