Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sketchbooks arrive Saturday

Expected on Saturday
-the same day as our Art show/Character Design Showdown. + Charity sale and free giveways.

expected sketchbooks for saturday:
travis charest signed
adam hughes signed
jim lee sketchbook
derek thompson monster sketchbook (pixar artist) signed
sanford greene deadlines 3 signed
dean yeagle mandy godiva signed
j scott campbell sketchbook signed
david colman doodles II signed
Ryan Benjamin signed sketchbook
Chris Sanders 3 sketchbook signed (2 also available)
Ruben Martinez Afterlife 2 signed sketchbook (monsters)
Robert Valley Massive Swerve 3 signed 3 -french import art book. gorgeous
Yuki 7 - by fleetstreet scandal
pascal campion -oogely boogely 5 signed

other sketchbooks will be arriving over the next several weeks. announcements will happen when they arrive.

keep an eye on the blog for an announcement. a huge shipment of sketchbooks from France has arrived. we are just awaiting delivery. if all works well it will be in shop for saturday or possibly late on friday.
-some highlights include New Guarnido Sketchbook (artist of blacksad), blacksad 1,2 in french, travis charest metabarons, CFSL 2 back in stock, vatine 2 sketchbook and many more sketchbooks and bandes dessinee. images etc.. will be posted when they show up.