Wednesday, August 05, 2009

SKETCHBOOKS -Saturday - Character Design Showdown

This Saturday is the Character Design Showdown, and Mighty Mugg art show for charity.

Get prizes for participating in the drawing, or simply watch and laugh.

Plus -Book Sale -For charity. In order to make room for the new sketchbooks that are coming on Saturday, we will be having a charity sale on some slightly older titles that you may have missed. $5 from each of these will go to World Vision, PLUS the prices will be discounted, PLUS if you spend $100 on any artbooks in the shop, including at least 2 sale books - you will get a special FREE bonus book as well.

NEW DVDS - PLEASE NOTE. Arrived in shop now, the rest of the Gnomon DVD order -including tons of new titles.

Please bring a friend. Remember, the shop is located in the Annex which has some truly awesome restaurants (especially Sushi), but is also just minutes from Greek Town, China Town and Korea Town.

The video below is not new, but with only 45,000 or so views, really needs to be seen by more people. It is today's inspiration.