Wednesday, March 01, 2017

REVIEW: The Lego Batman Movie

I'll make this quick... The best thing about the Lego Movie was Batman. This is more of it. And if you were worried it'd just be more of the same... then yes, it is, but it's still awesome!

Everything is lampooned from the classic comics to the current comics, Adam West Batman, MIchael Keaton Batman, Val Kilmer Batman, George Clooney Batman, Chris Nolan Batman, Zach Snyder Batman etc. Everyone gets their due.The real gems being that there is so many pieces of Batman's history packed in here, geeks will go nuts! Laughing that is!

Somehow, Lego Batman manages to satisfy your expected expectations of what this film was going to be right in the opening action set piece. But then it pulls the rug out from under us to show us how empty Batman's life is. And it seems the only way he'll put himself back together is to have a family again.

Lego Batman manages to overturn the Dark Knight's Legacy turning every cliché in the book into comedy gold.

Sure there's some low hanging fruits, like making Dick Grayson's character, the inevitable orphan who turns into Robin, into a clueless uncritical follower that he can't figure out that Bruce is Batman despite finding the entire Batcave beneath Wayne Island even to the point where he's so dopey that Batman is able to convince him that both he and Bruce are his 'dads' who share custody. But he does serve as a hyperactive foil to Batman's dark brooding negative demeanor.

Then there's the odd thing where other Lego franchises are incorporated into the film. I guess the Lego Movie established that all these brands share a world where Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings exist alongside Batman and the Justice League, but I feel we were robbed of just having a pure Lego DC movie. Like, was there really a necessity to anchor onto other franchises to put this film together? Couldn't they have just stuck to DC stuff?

Anyway, the negatives are just my personal issues, but I feel the film could've been cleverer if they tried. Either way, check it out just for the Batman jokes. Very likely the best Batman capable of taking the reigns of the campy Adam West era so that a fine tradition can continue under Will Arnett who I expect will be playing this character for a long, long... long time...

The 3-D in the film is serviceable, and there is a closing credits song, but no teaser or Easter egg following the credits. But I feel we can safely assume, a sequel is on the assembly line.