Friday, January 20, 2017

Fire Emblem - Nintendo Direct 2017

Nintendo released a new Direct video recently dedicated towards the Fire Emblem franchise. They showed a little bit more of the Fire Emblem Warriors Musou game announced for the upcoming Switch console hybrid, and also revealed that it would also be coming to the *New* 3DS systems. But the old regular 3DS will still be getting a new Fire Emblem game in the form of 'Fire Emblem Echoes' which is a remake of on of the unreleased Japanese games 'Fire Emblem Gaiden.' Along with a short mention that the Nintendo Switch console would also be getting an exclusive Fire Emblem game in 2018, Fire Emblem will also be coming to mobile phones as a free-to-play game called 'Fire Emblem Heroes.' Check out the video below to see the whole Direct, and check out some character art and screens from 'Fire Emblem Heroes' below!