Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Edge Control Expo featuring Creative Juice Toronto

Edge Control Expo is a localized Toronto event that aims to bring high end education from the various fields in the entertainment industry to our community. To do that, they bring in exceptional industry professionals to come teach what they know. 

The event taking place on September 3rd-4th is a localized event where they're bringing industry professionals in the entertainment field to give talks & lectures to an audience of about 300. It's structured very similar to Schoolism Live with a lecture half + Q&A, and networking half.

For our first two-day event, they have guests from Creative Juice Expo and Toronto's local studio, Crush Visual.

Creative Juice is an international entertainment industry related event started by concept art company Robotpencil, featuring various industry professionals like Anthony Jones & Kalen Chock. They've shared their knowledge and inspired thousands over various platforms outside of their Creative Juice outlet, and now they want to bring their wisdom to Toronto!

Crush Visual is a local concept design studio that's done work for a tonne of major companies & IPs - Ubisoft, Universal & Legendary Pictures to name a few. They've been around for ages working on all sorts of projects, so there's definitely no shortage of knowledge they can provide.

If you want to know the details of the event like, who'll be speaking, where it's going to be, and how lit it will get, click the link below!