Friday, July 08, 2016

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV - Episode 3 + more FFXV news!

Here's a bunch of new media for FFXV. Starting with the latest episode of Brotherhood with a focus on the relationship between Noctis & Gladio. Choose your language subtitles from the video options.

Meanwhile the KINGSGLAIVE: FFXV Movie premièred in Japan to rave reviews! Limited Theaterical releases are also planned for the U.S. & France, though no word yet about Canada or the rest of Europe. The film will release digitally and in retail on September 30th.

Some new characters have also been discussed such as one who is Luna's brother.

Some sample tracks of music can also be found at the following links:

- Main Theme Sample by Yoko Shimomura
- Sample Track #1
- Sample Track #2

A new trailer highlighting the multi-media approach of FFXV was also unveiled recently. Check it out!

And finally the final boxart for the retail game.