Friday, June 17, 2016

New Persona 5 footage from E3 2016!

Here's a collection of new Persona 5 media that Atlus is showing off around E3 and live-streaming online! The game will release in North America in February, and so far only English VA/text has been confirmed, though there are ideas being passed around that Japanese VA may be considered for future DLC content. Famitsu also has some new content & details. An interview with character designer Shigenori Soejima can be read here. An interview with the game's English translator can also be seen here.

First up is the official E3 trailer that is basically the older PV but now officially subtitled that you can see here. But Atlus is also showing off a new Japanese video that they streamed online. Which you can see below.

You can also watch their E3 demonstration of the same footage + some extras below which includes an additional scene and a preview of Morgana's English VA!

Some new supporting characters also got the spotlight in their own segments here...

 And finally the final main cast member was named and teased during the livestream.