Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Japanese edge of Spider-verse!

Spider-Man fans who've been following Spider-verse no doubt have been noticing the great lengths Marvel has gone to pay respect to all the many variations of Spider-Man out there over the years, including his animated self as well as swell parodies and adaptations of the character alongside inventing entirely new ones!

Fans of manga and anime might also like to note two moments of particular interest. The first was an all-new creation as an homage to anime by creating a new female version who controls a robot found from Edge of Spider-Verse. Evangelion fans will also notice some familiar characters as her classmates! Also there's a Kaneda to be found below.

The most recent and amazing one featuring Toei's interpretation of Spider-Man complete with his Leapordon Robot!

For those who don't know of this live-action Japanese Sentai adaptation of Spider-Man can get an idea from the video below: