Saturday, November 22, 2014


As part of Studio Khara's 'Animator Expo' series of shorts to highlight upcoming animation talent, comes a music video tour de force a collaboration of staff who've worked on the Evangelion Rebuild films, Space Dandy as well as the musician Teddyloid who created the OST for Panty & Stocking & Garterbelt.

WARNING: The video's content is NSFW - it contains nudity and themes of overt sexuality mixed with action & horror. A theme of the video being about male fantasy, Otaku culture and depression. The influences of Evangelion's design & aesthetics are unmistakable; all in all it is a very enjoyable piece combining stunning animation and music with overt visual-assaulting content that merits interesting reflection afterwards.

UPDATE: Due to Youtube taking down the video, you can check it out on Studio Khara's official website for Animator Expo, which also includes character, weapon designs, backgrounds and more!