Sunday, August 10, 2014

Local Toronto Illustrator Dan Holst Soelberg!

Taking inspiration from Edward Gorey and other macabre happy-goth-y art, comes Daniel Holst Soelberg with a variety of whimsical etch-y art that's sure to please! His books are now available at both our stores, so drop on by to check them out!

"My name is Dan Holst Soelberg and I believe the world is made better with absurd and whimsical humour. I find great joy in making books that both celebrate and poke fun at humanity’s disturbing predilections and preoccupation with fear. It is a sophisticated form of humour that is dear to my heart. 

Since graduating Sheridan's Interpretive Illustration BAA, I have been working as a graphic designer professionally and exhibiting in art galleries in Ontario, including Canada's National Gallery in Ottawa. It was when I picked up some old notebooks and flushed out the weird stories and odd characters that I eventually started making books. I decided to illustrate them, design the books and self-publish. For the past couple years I have been connecting with fans at publishing festivals and comic conventions. It's the fans who are encouraging me to keep making my weird little books and I am happy to oblige."