Tuesday, March 04, 2014


The first volume of 'Uncanny' the new work by Andy Diggle (The Losers) along with artist Aaron Campbell came out this week. A criminal caper story involving high stakes action amongst human beings possessing supernatural gifts.

The story follows a man by the name of Dominic Weaver, but that isn't his real name. He lives on the run using his extraordinary talent to survive and live off of others. This is quite literal in a sense as Dominic is a psychometh; that is, he can gain the memories and talents of anyone he touches for a brief period of time. He uses these to gamble, fight and exploit others for his own gain. But one day he pushes his luck too far and finds himself being hunted down for his debts.

Suddenly he finds himself aided by a femme fatale with her own set of skills who promises him a new life if he uses his talents to help her employer. A job that requires them to steal classified information that could be the key to why people like them exist and how to make more of them. But nothing is as clear cut as it seems when ulterior motives come to the forefront on both sides of the equations. Is Dominic being used? And how can he turn the tables in his favor? And hasn't he wanted to know precisely who he is and why he is the way he is?

For those familiar with Diggle's work, particularly on the Losers can look forward to another work of criminal noir with plenty of action and double crosses. Tension is tight, mysteries are deep, and the more involved it gets, the more dangerous the stakes for everyone involved. Aaron Campbell's artwork is servicable here with the right amount of grit and with William Crabtree's colouring creating nice contrasting and monochromatic hues to give the scenes its mood and atmosphere.

Anyone looking for something new to read that likes the work of writers like Ed Brubaker, Kirkman and Jason Aaron might like to check out the first volume of 'Uncanny' from Dynamite. Now available in store!