Monday, November 25, 2013

New Persona game Announcements!

Atlus held a special livestream event in Japan to unveil a bunch of new and anticipated titles in the Persona series!

First up is of course the already announced sequel to the Persona 4 fighting game that has a new trailer and a few more reveals! It has been confirmed to be coming to the PS3 in Japan.

The second reveal is a brand new title exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, called 'Persona Q' that looks to follow in the vein of games like Etrian Odyssey, and looks to be a non-canonical spin-off that brings together the entire casts of both Persona 3 & 4. The cute new art-style is sure to delight fans.

The third reveal is another brand new title being made exclusively for the PS Vita. It's a music and dance rhythm game called 'Persona 4 Dancing All Night' being made as a collaboration with Dingo, the studio behind the music games for Hatsune Miku!

Finally, the most anticipated announcement came in the form of a small teaser for 'Persona 5', announced for the PS3 for Winter 2014 in Japan. Not much else is known unfortunately, but Atlus is also releasing a special magazine of their own in the future, and perhaps we'll get more info or another epic trailer bundled on a DVD. We can only hope!