Thursday, June 13, 2013

Final Fantasy Versus XIII returns as XV for next-gen!

At long last Square Enix has finally rolled out significant information on the fate of the game they announced almost 7 years ago! Originally meant to be part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis line of the XIII series, the game known as Versus XIII was delayed and hidden from view with a big information lock down placed upon it. Many believed it was cancelled, and we've learned that indeed it was cancelled for a time. Originally meant as an exclusive for the PS3, the game was moved to next-gen development on Square Enix's new Luminous Engine for PS4 and Xbone. This was finally unveiled at Sony's E3 Press Conference along with the fact that the game had been re-Christened as 'Final Fantasy XV'! You can check out the trailer below!

With XIII coming to an end in Lightning Returns next year, and the XIV being an MMO, 'XV' has taken on Versus' concept of a more action-based RPG game in line with the Kingdom Hearts & Crisis Core FFVII. Square Enix wants to point out that this change in style does not indicate that all future Final Fantasy titles will follow this model. Another trailer showcasing the game play was also released. Check that out below too!