Friday, May 24, 2013

The Lost Art of Final Fantasy IX

One dedicated fan who loves to research games has taken the time to collect a lot of original artwork used for the game assets of Final Fantasy IX that never had a chance to be seen outside of its diminished quality visuals that were a limitation of the technology of the time.

"In my research, I unearthed artwork that show a ludicrous level of detail went into the game – detail that never made it into the final product due to the limitations of the target format. The “lost art” referenced in the thread title isn’t meant to describe this content as having been lost and found – it refers to the art details that were lost when the graphics were downconverted to a limited 32-bit console.
The following pieces are the highly-detailed environment art from a selection of Square USA staff. The intense details were eventually downscaled to the 320x240 native resolution of the PlayStation to become pre-rendered in-game backgrounds." 

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