Tuesday, April 02, 2013

FOX Engine & Metal Gear Solid V

GDC was on this week and one of the highlights was a presentation from Kojima Productions about their next Metal Gear title and the new FOX Engine that's been long in development and how they are approaching photorealism.

The current form of the engine targets current gen specs and while running on a PC the games on current consoles should look close to it. And from what they're showing their lighting system is really fantastic, easily the best current gen engine out there if they can deliver and spells awesome things once they finally get around to working on next-gen consoles! Other information form the event is that the titles 'Ground Zeroes' and 'The Phantom Pain' are two separate products, both announced for current gen consoles.

You can watch the whole presentation below! The start includes a whole new trailer for 'The Phantom Pain', confirmed to be titled as 'Metal Gear Solid V.'