Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Way Game Controllers Work!

New gaming consoles are on the horizon! In Nintendo's case, their next-gen system is already out sporting their new Gamepad with a touch screen and motion controls. Sony just officially unveiled our first look at PlayStation 4 a week ago and teased a new controller with a touch pad and light tracking bar along with the system's 3-D dual Camera! Microsoft will indeed be showing us their next console sometime later this year and reports are that a lot of emphasis will be on their new 3-D camera device that is an advanced version of the Kinect peripheral already available for Xbox 360.

Motion controls and new kinds of user interfaces have really come into the public eye over the last decade. From cell phones to handheld gaming devices like the DS and Vita, as well as game consoles like the Wii, and peripherals like MOVE for PS3. But how do all these work?

For anyone interested in the technology behind all this, I highly recommend checking out a series of simple and fun videos at the following site for insight into all the various products available today: