Monday, March 25, 2013

Telltale's FABLES game - The Wolf Among Us

Telltale, the developers of the hit aventure game adaptation of 'The Walking Dead' had revealed earlier in the year that they were developing a game based on the FABLES comic books by Bill Willingham. We were informed that the game itself would not bear the 'FABLES' title, perhaps I'd guess to avoid confusion with Peter Molyneux's FABLE games on the Xbox consoles. But we at last know what the game will be called and something about it. The final title was revealed to be 'The Wolf Among us' starring, you guessed it... Bigby Wolf! The game takes place prior to the start of the comics with Bigby trying to keep the exiled Fabletown denizens in order.

I'm no grammar teacher, but wouldn't it actually be correct to say 'The Wolf Amongst Us'? Maybe some of you literary enthusiasts can inform me. But certainly if you're looking for a literary classic made out of other literary classics, then I highly recommend checking out FABLES, which we now have some nice deluxe hardcover editions of that still have James Jean's wraparound cover art! It's too bad James Jean isn't involved with the game, then the teaser image above would look more like this...

Now that's an adventure!