Monday, January 28, 2013

Pre-Order Half Life 2 Prop Replica

Life -Size NECA replica Gravity Gun from the game Half Life 2

We are taking pre-orders for anyone interested. The price will be $149. Contact our store to place an order. We expect it to arrive at the beginning of April 2013. Allocations may occur. We will do our best to fill all pre-orders.

Pre-orders by phone:
Toronto: 416-840-4506
Oakville: 905-845-BOOK 

Or contact us by e-mail to arrange the transaction by PayPal.

NECA is happy to offer this fantastic new prop replica from the Valve: Half Life video game.  Sales for this item will be handled like the Portal Prop Replica items.

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (ZPEFM), most commonly known as the Gravity Gun, is a full size 1:1 model of the tractor beam type weapon featured in the Half Life video games. The replica is created directly from the digital data supplied by Valve and is fully accurate and authentic to the in-game model. The ZPEFM is nearly 2 feet in length and features glowing orange LEDs,  2 handles, 2 triggers, and 4 unique sounds directly from the game. 

As a bonus a carefully concealed fold away kick-stand allows you to display your Gravity Gun on the shelf or desktop when not in use

Requires 3 "C" Batteries, Not Included