Friday, November 02, 2012

QUICK LOOK: The Last Days of American Crime

‘The Last Days of American Crime’ is a story that literally involves the possibility that all crime will come to an end in America! At least, theoretically… And that’s the backdrop into which Uncanny X-Force and Fear Agent’s writer Rick Remender spins us a crime thriller laden with pulp sex, humour and violence.

At a time where American society is falling apart, the U.S. Government has implemented a plan where a signal broadcast nation-wide will psychologically inhibit the neurons in people’s brains and prevent them from committing acts that violate their conscience, thereby preventing them from committing crime.

So as Americans try coming to terms with this move, with many debating the ethics behind such a drastic decision to limit people’s free will, the criminals are consolidating and planning their last crimes and indulging in their last evils. If they don’t make their move now, they will lost their ill gained wealth and have to live honestly for the rest of their lives, which depending on whether you’ve successfully accomplished your criminal goals or not, will be either good or bad for you.

One of these crooks is Graham Bricke, who plans to take advantage of the government’s move to convert all paper currency into digital. He is seeking a hacker to create a hole into the system from which they can hack out any amount of money they want. And they intend to do it moments before the crime-preventing broadcast goes live which is when their targeted bank will be most vulnerable! But can Bricke pull it off? Especially when he’s got all sorts of criminals who want a piece of his plan, not to mention that his cohorts are completely untrustworthy…

This drama is wonderfully illustrated by Greg Tocchini, a Marvel artist who’s worked on Spider-Man and Thor, with a nice collection of cover art by Alex Maleev. So it would not be unethical to pick this physically printed graphic novel from our store at U.S. Cover price!