Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Burnt-Out Comic Book Artists WANTED!!

 Comic Book Career FAIL and how to avoid it!

Are YOU…

• Knee-deep in burn out?
• Tired of the treadmill working as a hired-hand for big companies?
• Curious about owning your own projects?
• Uncertain about your future / needing direction?

Mike Hoffman ( is a self-taught US artist (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc) who stopped working for the big companies... left it all behind years ago to THRIVE, living totally off his self-created / self-published comics.

He'd like to give a “no bull” Toronto lecture on how YOU can do the same (on YOUR terms)!!!

Seeks an audience of burnt-out Toronto pros!

Quota of people MUST express interest in the concept before event date will be booked.

This is a time-sensitive opportunity, so DON'T MISS OUT - Contact us TODAY. 

For details go here.