Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Lots of Persona news!

Fans of Persona had a lot of news coming lately, here's a rundown for those interested!

The official boxart for the North American and Japanese releases of 'Persona 4 Arena' was unveiled and it features a new character, or rather another fighter, the cyborg girl similar to Aigis, named 'Labrys', who is rather obscure character that was only featured in a Drama CD.

A new trailer was also made available for the upcoming game that focuses on the fighting game's story mode and some of the new anime cutscenes that'll be there, especially of Labrys and the starring members from Persona 3!

Persona 4 Golden is available in Japan already and selling very well, and the film version of Persona 4 with the true ending is also playing in Japanese theaters which apparently also teased a new film adaptation of Persona 3! This has been confirmed by the official teaser website!

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