Friday, June 15, 2012

Our first peek at the new ASTERIX CG animated film!

The still you see of Obelix above is our very first look at the new CG feature film being produced in France by VFX house Mikros Image who opened a new studio dedicated to creating animated films. It is titled 'Asterix Et Le Domaine Des Dieux' (Asterix & the Mansions of the Gods), and is being directed by Louis Clichy who worked as an animator with Pixar on Wall-E and Up!

Drop by our store if you're looking for the original comic the film is based on along with plenty of other Asterix in both French and English! The story of 'The Mansions of the Gods' involves another plot by the Romans to rid them of the Gaulish village through means of residential development  as a clever strategy. Perhaps the film will take more liberties and borrow story lines from other Asterix titles and making up new things to make the film more fleshed out and entertaining, similar to what we saw done in the new Tintin flick by Spielberg and Peter Jackson which worked out very well in my opinion!