Friday, June 29, 2012

Eric Kim's Manga Dojo Workshops

Comic artist Eric Kim will be accepting enrolment into his Manga Dojo art workshops. The classes, designed for teens and young adults, is in its second year, and teaches students how to create and develop their own manga works. 

In seven sessions, students will learn about the fundamentals of storytelling, build upon their drawing and art skills, and touch upon advanced techniques, such as screentoning. 

Classes take place in room 305 at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, located at 750 Spadina Avenue. They will be held on the weekends from noon to 3pm. Summer classes will run from July 7th – August 25th. 

For more information, please visit 

ABOUT ERIC KIM: Eric Kim is a professional comic artist and illustrator. His credits include Love as a Foreign Language, Degrassi: The Next Generation Vol. 3, Battle Academy, The Sidesteppers, Streta, and most recently, The Complete Plays of William Shakespeare. He has worked for numerous book and editorial clients across North America as well as Japan. 

His professional website is