Thursday, March 29, 2012

Student Manga Reviews - Part 2

Continuing from our previous post, here are a few more reviews for you to enjoy by the students of Sir Robert L. Borden B.T.I.

Student Name: Jorey

Book Title:  Megamon ZX                      
Volume #:  1

Author(s):  Shin Ogino

Plot Summary
This delivery boy named Vent went to deliver a package to the guardians but on the way a group called the Mavericks came to stop him from delivering his package so his courage opened the box with Model X by mega merging with ModelZ and he was able to defeat the Mavericks.

Personal Reflection
I liked this book because I play this game. But after I read then I knew how to beat the game without any trouble at all.

This book would appeal to readers who like Phantom and Negima!, books with action, robots and Megaman fans.

Student Name: Landin

Book Title:  Beet: The Vandel Buster              
Volume #:  1

Author(s):  Riku Sonja, Keji Inada

Plot Summary
Beet is a “Vandel Buster” that has more than one saiga (weapon). Beet acquired these Saiga from the Zenon Warriors (a group of high ranking busters). Beet travels around defeating vandels and grows to be the best Vandel Buster in the world.

Personal Reflection
I liked this volume because it was funny and action packed.

This book would appeal to readers who like Bleach, Naruto and Inuyasha.

Book Title:  Bleach                     
 Volume #:  1

Author(s):  Tite Kubo

Plot Summary
The main character Ichigo meets a soulreaper named Yukia, and ends up gaining her soulreaper powers. He ends up fighting a monster called a Hollow. After killing the hollow Ichigo ends up becoming a permanent soulreaper.

Personal Reflection
I liked this volume because the beginning story line is action packed and funny. It also explains how Ichigo got his soulreaper powers clearly.

This book would appeal to readers who like Beet and Naruto.


Student Name: Lyric

Book Title:  Naruto                    
 Volume #:  26

Author(s):  Masashi Kishimoto

Plot Summary
Naruto volume 26 is about when Naruto and Sasuke fight it out at the final valley. The reason why Naruto is fighting Sasuke is because Sasuke wants to get strong to kill his brother Itachi Unchid.

Personal Reflection
I like Naruto volume 26 because there is a lot of fighting and a lot of explosions.  

This book would appeal to readers who like Bleach, Raiders and Soul Eater.

Student Name: Mathiew

Book Title:  Black Bird               
 Volume #:  12

Author(s):  Kanoko Sakurakouji

Plot Summary
In this volume Sho continues to try and destroy the clan from within. A good friend who can’t control his power is kidnapped and the possibility of a friend is now an enemy. Find out the rest when you read it.

Personal Reflection
In this volume I like that they are starting to tie lose ends and the drawing is well done. It is left on a cliff hanger making you wonder what is next.

This book would appeal to readers who like Back Stage Prince and Flower in the Storm.

Book Title:  Eyeshield 21             
Volume #:  16

Author(s):  Riichiro Inagaki

Plot Summary
This is the start of the match between our hero’s team Deimon and Seibu for a chance to go to the Christmas Bowl. The main character Sena, the running back superstar, now faces Riku, the man who taught him how to run. Also, Deimon’s only weakness is that it does not have a kicker but with the return of Musashi, the Legendary 60-yard magnum that has changed. Will Deimon’s Devel Bats fly to victory or will Seibu’s wild Gunmen stick them up for victory? You will have to read it to find out but not just volume 16 but 17 too!

Personal Reflection
I really enjoy this series for the drawing, action and the comedy which is class A3 material. Also, I enjoy the fact that it shows great things come in small packages. This is one of my top picks. I believe it to be in the same league as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and MAR.

This book would appeal to readers who like Prince of Tennis.

Student Name: Matt

Book Title:  Air Gear                  
Volume #:  1

Author(s): Oh Great!

Plot Summary This person named IKKI found about Air Trecks and he can fly using the air trecks because he is the Wind Keeper. His sisters are in a team called The Sleeping Forest and IKKI goes against his sisters and beats them in battle.

Personal Reflection
Air Trecks caught my attention because he could fly and he got super moves and he could move faster than a car. I really liked this volume.

This book would appeal to readers who like Negima and Naruto.

Student Name: Michael

Book Title:  The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi-Chan                  
Volume #:  1

Author(s):  Nagaru Tanigawa

Plot Summary
The Melancholy of Suzamiya Haruhi-Chan is the fillers of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi plus more random gags like when Mikura turns into a sheep because of her cuteness or when Haruhi got so bored she rolled down the stairs!

Personal Reflection
I like this volume because it has a similar start as the other book. It was like The Melancholoy of Suzmiya because it’s the same story but funnier!

This book would appeal to readers who like The Melanchology of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star.

Student Name: Paige

Book Title:  Pandora Hearts                           
 Volume #:  1

Author(s):  Jun Mochizuki

Plot Summary
Pandora Hearts is about a boy named Oz Vessalius who meets a girl named Alice who he then signed a contract with to get out of an eternal abyss. Then they meet Raven Break and Sharon who work for Pandora, an organization that traps and rids of bad chains. Oz and Alice work together with Raven Break and Shoron to stop and find out about the Baskervilles and the tragedy that happened 100 years ago.

Personal Reflection
I liked it because it is based on Alice in Wonderland but has more adventures, danger, Gothic/demonic. I am a personal fan of Alice in Wonderland or any remakes of it. If there are any more books like Pandora Hearts, Alice in the Country of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, I want to read more.

This book would appeal to readers who like Alice in Wonderland and Alice in the Country of Hearts.

Book Title:  Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon                  
Volume #: 1

Author(s):  Naoko Takeuchi

Plot Summary
Sailor Moon is about a normal school girl who runs into a black cat who bares secrets of Usagi Past to tell her that she is Sail Moon’s Guardian of the moon, to protect the earth from negative forces. She then later meets Amy who is the smartest person ever to find out she is Sailor Mercury. As Sailor Moon finally has a comrade to help her out then three more comrades came; Sailor Venus, Mars and Jupiter, along with Tuxedo Mask.

Personal Reflection
The reason why I love Sailor Moon is because I grew up while watching Sailor Moon. It was one of my childhood TV shows/Manga.

This book would appeal to readers who like Cardcaptors and Tsubasa.

Book Title:  Shugo Chara             
Volume #:  1

Author(s):  Peach-Pit

Plot Summary
This volume is about a girl named Amu who wished to be a different person. Then 3 eggs appeared inside called Charas (Spade-Miki) (Cluh0Su) (Heart-Ran) and later on (Diamond-Dia). She tries to save and stop a company called Easter who tryies helping other kids who have been getting their dream eggs stolen, to find the embryo egg, an egg that grants wishes to everyone that sees it.

Personal Reflection
I like it because it has sweet story line that is cute.

I am not sure who this book would appeal to readers who like. Please help by writing suggestions here: ________________________________