Monday, March 12, 2012

Jean Giraud a.k.a. Moebius passes away at age 73

Some sad news emerged this weekend, that well renowned comic book artist known by the alias 'Moebius' died after suffering from a long illness. You can find a few links after the jump taking you to articles about him and his legacy, including some documentaries.

"Jean Giruad had been in declining heath in recent months and the last few years have been a struggle between his restlessly creative mind and his profound vision problems. His stature in the creative community, however, has only grown as new generations of illustrators, digital artists and videogame designers discover the alien souls and surreal landscapes in his work and use it as compass point from the past." 
Moebius death: French comics icon Jean Giraud dead at 73, BBC reports
"Moebius, the French comic-book artist whose spectacular science fantasy-based work wrought its magic on Hollywood classics such as "Alien" and "Tron", has died after a long illness. He was 73."
 Comic books giant Moebius dies
"Moebius’ impact on comics is incalculable. Even a short list of artists he’s inspired would include Frank Miller (whose Ronin in particular bears many traces of Moebius’ style); Geoff Darrow (Miller’s occasional collaborator); Hayao Miyazaki (a longtime friend and reciprocal influence); P. Craig Russell; Frank Quitely; and Charles Burns (whose recent X’ed Out is a tribute to both Moebius and Tintin creator Hergé, himself a hero of Moebius). As reported by Comic Book Resources, Neil Gaiman had written a Sandman story for Moebius to illustrate, but the artist’s declining health had prevented it; following Moebius’ death, Gaiman posted today on Tumblr, “Spiritual is not a word I use much, mostly because it feels so very misused these days, but I’d go with it for him.”
 R.I.P. Moebius, comics legend and Métal Hurlant co-founder