Friday, August 19, 2011

What is the link between the Scarlet-Spider & Spider Island?

Word is going about that Ben Reilly, Peter Parker's clone who once was the Scarlet Spider and who then took on the role of Spider-Man and died at the hands of Norman Orbourne might be primed for a comeback. Marvel isn't saying much, but there are hints of things to come, especially below in the recent image that was shown alongside a new press release...


It’s the Spider-Man event of the year, and with so many twists and turns – there’s no telling what will happen next! But there’s one thing we can tell you, fans can get excited for the return of someone very important to the life of Peter Parker. Except where will he show up? With Spider-Island selling out across the board, it’s obvious that fans can’t get enough of the Wall-crawler, all 8 million of them!"

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