Thursday, November 11, 2010

recently arrived artbooks. Jim Lee, Ugetsu Hakua, Shunya Yamashita..

below are some recent arrivals we forgot to profile on the blog.

3 new sketchbooks by Ugetsu Hakua (burst angel artist). features both color and pencil sketch art.

Jim Lee Icons - comes in two editions. the sketchcover edition below features extra sketchpages inside (above and beyond the regular edition -not shown, but in stock)

The Art of LeSean Thomas is not new, but essentially out of print. we bought up some of the last copies in an effort to be able to offer them up for you. his other sketchbook, nervous breakdowns is also available. LeSean worked on the Boondock animated series and many other shows.

New Scarygirl book is out. lots of fun. the original last gasp book is also in stock.

from France: Yaxin the Faun vol 1 is finally in shop.

Shunya Yamashita 's One Voice artbook is in and features a lot of great art including his Marvel Bishojo illustrations.

The Art of Darksiders Softcover is now availble. We also have a couple of copies of the ultra rare signed limited edition hardcover for anyone that wants one.