Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Louis Royo, Victoria Frances...lots more, just arrived!

New 2011 Gil Elvgren Calendar

Animated Performance by Nancy Beiman. Nancy has worked at Disney for years and years, but is currently teaching at Sheridan College. She also has a terrific book on storyboarding for animators -which you can always find in stock at our shop.

New Louis Royo 2011 Calendar

New Victoria Frances 2011 Calendar

Lorenzo Sperlonga - Steampunk Dolls art book. Great art and Great Subject.

Cris Ortega's Forgotten vol 3.

Wicked Kisses vol 1 by Arantza.

Donato Giancola's Middle Earth visions of Modern Myth. Check out this awesome new book by Spectrum regular.

Flourecent Black - New Graphic novel. Amazing art.

American Vampire finally comes out in trade hardcover form.

Hetalia Axis of Powers vol 1. Finally.

For more stuff arriving Wednesday - check out the New Comics Link on the right side of the blog. Simply click on the image that says 'new comics'