Thursday, September 23, 2010

ICO, Shadow of the Collossus, and the Last Guardian!

Officially unveiled at TGS was the Team ICO Collection. Two of the most revered games from the PS2 are being given a facelift and ported onto the PS3 together on one blu-ray disc! The games will now be rendered natively in widescreen HD. Their texture assets are also being improved along with having a stable framerate locked at 30 fps! What's more, the games will also be playable in stereoscopic 3-D! The release date is expected to be in spring of 2011.

Team ICO also showed more about their new upcoming PS3 game, 'The Last Guardian.' It's release date is expected to be at the very end of 2011. All this time the team has been hard at work nailing down the technology and systems that will run the game and now are finally in crunch mode developing the story campaign.

A movie adaptation of 'Shadow of the Colossus' is also being planned and an interesting interview has popped up here with regards to the progress of that movie. Let's hope it turns out very good!