Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Perry Osuna Sketchbook, Art of Beauty and the Beast

In Stock later Today: the Perry Osuna 2010 Sketchbook. It's like Mike Mignola meets Ronald Searle meets the Venture Bros. Very cool art by a terrifically talented character designer.
Perry's blog is here

In Stock later this week (possibly Thursday): The Art of Beauty and the Beast. It's the 20th Anniversary, and finally there will be a book about this amazing film. The art of the movie was covered in a small way in Disney's Art of Animation in the early 90s, but that was only 30 pages.
Get ready for the real book. While we still haven't seen inside, its probably a safe bet to expect great work from Glenn Keane. We love you Glenn!

Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s sold out last week, almost as quickly as they arrived. more copies on the way. If you like Robert McGuinness, Uesugi Tadehhiro, you will love this book. While it doesn't feature these two guys, its full of art that's exactly like it. over 500 pages of goodness. Look for the 50s book in October.

Finally - This thursday, we hope to get in Juno Romantica 12.