Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adam Hughes, Phil Noto, J Scott Campbell..

The Images below are for books, expected to arrive in Shop in the next several weeks. Prices will be announced once the items actually show up. Expect fair prices for most of these. There are also a bunch more books we are expecting, and will post that information soon.

A few high profile books, that we don't yet have images to show you of -but that we are excited about are:

new Claire Wendling Sketchbook - should be in for September. The publisher is selling it exclusively for the month of August, but once this period ends, we will have copies in shop. This one is stylistically different than the other books she has done, and at around $20 US - the most affordable of all the books.

new Chris Sanders Sketchbook #3 - arrives in the next couple of weeks. Chris has been nice enough to sign all the copies - at no extra charge.

Ryan Benjamin's new Pancratia sketchbook is a lot darker than the above books -but equally compelling. If you like gritty stuff - you will love this one. Again, these copies will come signed by the artist.
you get a sense of his work and the book here

Travis Charest 2009 Pictures Signed Sketchbook - is a mix of great images, done in his unmistakable style.

Big City Signed Sketchbook by Ragnar : Huge book, awesome stuff - really a departure from the last 3 artbooks.

Stephen Silver - Passion for Life Sketchbook - is a massive book of life drawings by one of our favourite artists. Signed.

Pascal Campion - Oogely Boogely 5, all copies come signed by this Flash Master!

The World of Yuki 7 by Kevin Dart, Ada Cole and others. Check out the animated trailer here

New Jim Lee Sketchbook, Signed & Unsigned copies will be available.

New J Scott Campbell Signed Sketchbook. If you like pencil sketches, you will really enjoy this one!

David Colman : Doodles II Sketchbook - a real treat. Comes Signed and features awesome drawings throughout.

Phil Noto - Signed Trans Am Champions Sketchbook. Phil has got to be one of the nicest guys we met at Comic-Con. Really excited about this one. Copies of jet 7 still in stock -but practically gone.

Mark Brooks - Devilish Signed Sketchbook. If you like solid art, Comic book style sketches and colour illustrations you will really be happy with this one. Mark is the man!

Jose Lopez 4:00 am signed sketchbook - is a real nice collection of work by the man behind Mariachi Samurai. Jose is a concept artist and character designer for animated films and tv shows. Highely recommended.

J Scott Campbell Monster Green Sketchbook - is a followup to last year's Code Orange. By the way - if we can mention it here - Campbell had a wicked Fairy Tale Calander at the con, but he informed me that this item will be available in the fall through retail channels. If you're thinking of buying it on Ebay or someplace like that for a crazy price, do yourself a favour and wait a bit.

Adam Hughes - Oh Wow Signed Sketchbook - followes in the tradition of the ashcan sketchbooks of past years. If you like pencil sketches, this one is amazing.