Friday, March 27, 2009

Adhouse Rules: James Jean, Ronnie Del Carmen..

Adhouse book has put out some great books in the past, but the future is just as exciting.

Here are some of the great books coming soon from Adhouse.

First off: Ronnie Del Carmen's And There you are is arriving in May. Features the character he developed in his self published series Paper Biscuit. (Hmm.. we've been sold out Paper Biscuit volume 1,1.5, 2, 2.5 for some time. Wouldn't it be great if some amazing publisher decided to collect those out of print puppies into one book?.. just thinking out loud.)

For those who don't know, Ronnie works at Pixar in the story department. Other fun facts: he's related to that other nice Del Carmen artist (Louie). He has over 800 kids. ok - I made that up, but he's definately a big family man.

We love Ronnie.

In June, Pixar's Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Nate Rag and Don Shank bring us the second book in a series: The Ancient Book of Sex and Science.

And the one we've all been waiting for - James Jean's Process Recess 3 comes in July. This one promises to have a ton of sketches. 240 pages hardcover.

To get more details, and learn about all of Adhouse's other projects, head over to: